Friday, April 5, 2013

AIMS Smarties Style

For our testing bulletin board we went with Gangnam Style by PSY. Students loved the bulletin board and made it related to them by adding the Smarties to his hands. That was their favorite detail. 
On PSY students wrote test taking tips and strategies that they plan to use on our state test (AIMS).

Students enjoyed this activity. To see my Smarties and the other students' reaction to my bulletin board made it a successful one.

Now we just have to say:
Eh-- AIMS passers.
AIMS Testing Style
Eh- AIMS Crushers
AIMS Style.

You can get your copy of PSY Smarties Style here.

Or you can simply get PSY at

I created a remix with the Gangnam Style Lyrics to make it more test prep/motivational for our state test AIMS. I also persuaded my sister to record the song and coworkers to go along with my crazy idea. : ) I hope you enjoy and can use the video.

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